Other Canvas

If you haven’t seen what you’re looking for, contact us for more information. We have made many different canvas items for many different boats, fender skirts, covers, curtains, chart bags, rope bags, patterned and made to fit you and your boat. We can even make covers for vans!

We use a range of different materials, Acrylic, Odyssey, PVC, Weathermax… all of which have different properties to suit the use. Our covers are sewn in anti-wick thread which swells up when wet to make the cover water proof but we can offer an upgrade of thread to ‘Tenara’ which is guaranteed for 15 years, it is almost impervious to UV degradation so perfect for use in high UV areas, acid rain and other pollutants, however ‘Tenara’ is not an anti-wick thread so it can leak in big downpours due to the tread not swelling up and filling the needle hole. Give us a ring or drop us an email with what you’re looking for!




Acrylic Canvas Options: