New staysail in action on Vigilance
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There are 4 major sail cloth manufacturers that supply sail cloth worthy of consideration for new sails. They are:

• Dimension-Polyant from Germany and USA http://www.dimension-polyant.com/en/index.php
• Contender from the Netherlands and USA http://www.contender.co.uk/Products/ContenderSailcloth.aspx
• Challenge Sailcloth from the USA http://www.challengesailcloth.com/
• Bainbridge from the UK and USA http://www.bainbridgeint.com/


When deciding on selection of suitable sailcloth a number of factors need considering including:

• Budget
Type of Sailing – the sail is expected to be used for and the owners priorities of requirements, these can be as varied as day sailing, coastal and weekend cruising, Offshore Cruising, Oceanic Cruising, short-handed sailing, club racing, inshore or offshore regatta racing or Grand Prix racing and often a combination of these.
• Performance – which is usually related to the weave style and quality
• The loads expected in the sail – these vary depending on sail type batten configuration and whether the sail is high aspect (long luff / short foot) or low aspect (shorter luff / long foot)

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