Windscreen/Window Covers

Windscreen / window Covers are becoming an ever more popular addition to motor or sail boats with large windows that let in lots of light.

When the boat is left moored unattended excess heat and UV light can damage upholstery and the interior furniture and window covers can protect your investment from this deterioration.

They also offer privacy on busy marinas from spying eyes. Available in Acrylic canvas to ensure a waterproof long lasting cover with excellent UV resistance or a UV stable mesh to allow some light through yet offer a high degree of privacy our windscreen or window covers will prove an invaluable addition to the boats equipment.

Attached with lift the dot fittings to male studs screwed into the gel around the perimeter of the windows they are secure in the toughest of conditions yet easy to fit and remove

Extras available

Tenara Thread.

Normal sewing thread eventually degrades and fails due to salt crystals and UV exposure. Tenara thread is completely unaffected by UV radiation, salt water, acid rain, industrial pollutants and cleaning agents and has a 15 year guarantee. For a long lasting cover especially for use in high UV areas we recommend upgrading to Tenara thread.



Specification Sheet for download: Coming soon…
Acrylic Canvas Options: