Wheel or Wheel & Binnacle Cover

The wheel or binnacle cover is a cover to protect the wheel especially if the wheel has a leather cover or the wheel and binnacle to protect the compass from UV light which will eventually make the glass on the compass go fuzzy, and of course the cover also protects any instrumentation attached to the Binnacle.  A zip is fitted vertically down the wheel profile to allow the cover to be fitted and tensioned around the wheel.

Our Wheel / Binnacle covers are manufactured from a heavy Acrylic canvass to ensure a waterproof long lasting cover with excellent UV resistance. The acrylic canvas is available in a large range of colours to match the yachts other canvas.

Each wheel or wheel and binnacle cover needs to be patterned individually as every boat is different. First we will visit the boat and we will make a polythene pattern of the cover to ensure that the finished cover fits correctly. We will then take the pattern back to our loft where we will manufacture your new cover.

Extras available


Pockets sewn on for winch handles, sun screen, sunglasses etc.


Combined cover to include a cockpit table as well as the wheel and Binnacle.

Anti-wick thread which swells up when wet to make the cover water proof or an option to upgrade of thread to ‘Tenara’, guaranteed for 15 years, almost impervious to UV degradation so perfect for use in high UV areas, acid rain and other pollutants, however ‘Tenara’ is not an anti-wick thread so it can leak in big downpours.

Specification Sheet for download:Wheel and Wheel Binnacle Cover
Acrylic Canvas Options: