Stacker Cover

Our stacker covers are made in heavy weight uncoated acrylic canvas which allows a small amount of breathability to the fabric, the colour is optional although we should be able to match that of the sprayhood if you require. Over the years we have continuously developed and improved our design to arrive at the optimum design. We offer a two part cover with a main body which finishes about 0.6m from the mast and a separate front bonnet that passes over the head and luff of the sail when you have finished sailing. With the cover finishing short of the mast there is less cover to constrain the sail so it is easier to hoist and lower the sail than a cover that is one piece or finishes very close to the mast. The batten pocket is sewn close to the top so that the cover is held open by the lazy jacks when the mainsail is up, and when the cover is closed water can not accumulate in the cover. Zips with pairs of sliders are fitted to each side of the cover or for loose footed sails gaps in the foot rope to allow the reef lines to pass in and out of the cover and tie around the boom. These covers work with standard short battened mainsails, however work even better with fully battened mainsail.

Our regular acrylic is ‘Sauleda’ it is a solution dyed acrylic so the colour fast is excellent and the UV resistance even as the covers age. The material comes with a 5 year guarantee and comes in a wide range of colours.

We also offer ‘Sunbrella’ acrylic canvas which is a premium solution dyed acrylic canvas. ‘Sunbrella’ has long had a reputation for being the very best marine textiles. The new improved ‘Sunbrella’ has all of the same high qualities as ‘Sauleda’ but claims greater water resistance and stability so is less likely to pool with water. ‘Sunbrella Plus’ is also more breathable so is less likely to suffer from internal condensation and also has a resin based anti-fungal coating so the covers are less likely to attract mildew.

Extras available

Gaps or zips for ropes to come through along boom.


Option for text along the boom cover (boat name or business name)


Zip up cover around mast

canvas stitching

Our covers are sewn in anti-wick thread which swells up when wet to make the cover water proof but we can offer an upgrade of thread to ‘Tenara’ which is guaranteed for 15 years, it is almost impervious to UV degradation so perfect for use in high UV areas, acid rain and other pollutants, however ‘Tenara’ is not an anti-wick thread so it can leak in big downpours due to the tread not swelling up and filling the needle hole.

Specification Sheet for download: Stacker Cover
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