Our Sprayhoods are manufactured from a PU coated heavy Acrylic canvas to ensure a waterproof long lasting hood with excellent UV resistance. The acrylic canvas is available in a large range of colours.

Our spray-hoods are made to suit either 2 or 3 bar 3/4” or 1” frames made with stainless steel tube. Each hood needs to be patterned individually as every boat is different. First we will visit the boat and measure up for a new frame, if you do not already have one.

After returning to fit a new frame if required we will make a polythene pattern of the hood to ensure that the finished hood fits correctly including cut outs for halyards led aft to the cockpit. We will then take the pattern back to our loft where we will manufacture your new hood.

We will finally return to the boat where we will fit the hood and fit the hardware to guarantee that the hood is tailored to suit your boat. Each hood comes with 2 or 3 windows in the front to aid visibility. All of our pockets for the frame bars come with zips to make fitting and removal far easier than trying to feed the bars through the pocket.



Extras available

PENTAX Digital Camera

Grab handles on the back of the frame to aid stability on board and going down below.


Leather sewn onto grab handle on the frame.


We use a high quality 30 thou window material. We can offer ‘Crystal Clear’ the premium upgrade for crystal clarity, UV resistance and is scratch resistant, reducing tiny scratches that can make the window seem hazy.


Zips sewn onto the back to facilitate joining to a cockpit enclosure.


A backdrop from back of hood to floor with zipped entrance.

Windows in the side screens or side panels.

Anti-wick thread which swells up when wet to make the cover water proof or an option to upgrade of thread to ‘Tenara’, guaranteed for 15 years, almost impervious to UV degradation so perfect for use in high UV areas, acid rain and other pollutants, however ‘Tenara’ is not an anti-wick thread so it can leak in big downpours.

Heavy Duty cast stainless steel clamps and end plugs for large hoods or for charter boats where the cover can be roughly handled.



Specification Sheet for download: Sprayhoods
Specification Sheet for download: Enclosures
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