Genoa Cover

genoa coverDesigned for racing boats or performance cruising boats as an alternative to having UV strips on the leech & foot of their headsail. The Genoa Cover wraps around the rolled up sail & closes with a zip running the full length of the cover. Simply attach the spinnaker halyard to the top of the cover, wrap the top of the cover around the rolled up sail; one person will hoist the halyard whilst a second person holds the zip slider and feeds the cover around the sail as the cover is hoisted.

Made from light and soft Odyssey polyester fabric the covers’ circumference will be slightly bigger than the rolled up sail so the cover easily slides over the sail, once hoisted a lattice lacing line is tensioned closing the cover up making it tight around the sail thus stopping any excess cover flapping in the wind. An option of an opening in the cover for the headsail sheets is available

If you don’t want heavy or unsightly UV strips on your headsail or have multiple headsail choices, the Genoa cover is the ideal solution.

Extras available

genoa cover2

Opening in zip for the Genoa or Jib sheets to pass through allowing the sheets to stay connected without feeding them down to the tack of the sail and out the bottom of the cover.

Tenara Thread. Normal sewing thread eventually degrades and fails due to salt crystals and UV exposure. Tenara thread is completely unaffected by UV radiation, salt water, acid rain, industrial pollutants and cleaning agents and has a 15 year guarantee. For a long lasting cover especially for use in high UV areas we recommend upgrading to Tenara thread.

Weathermax is an extremely high quality cover material upgrade, it has better resistance to chafe from the lattice lacing, it has better UV resistance, it is a little softer and easier to store than the standard Odyssey and it also has better breathability reducing the possibility of mildew or water stain marks appearing on the sail due to trapped moisture. A large range of colours is available.


Specification Sheet for download: Genoa Cover
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