Dinghy and Small boat covers

Dart Sails and Covers can offer an over-boom, flat cover, trailing cover or undercover for most one design dinghies and we custom manufacture for non-standard boats.

Fabric Options available

PVC Polyester, is the cheapest option and offers a good cover but it is not breathable. It is tough, UV treated,  long lasting and waterproof.

Cotton/Polyester Is the classic cover of choice for most owners over the years, it is long lasting, breathable and very tough but it is susceptible to shrinkage.

Weathermax – Great for lightweight covers. Choose this if you need a cover that packs up small yet is fully breathable and waterproof.

Polyester – This is the very best cover fabric available, with no shrinkage. It has outstanding UV life and colour retention, it is very durable and the most water tight breathable fabric available.  Covers from this material are supplied by one of our trade partners specialising in the manufacture of high quality dinghy covers.

Top Gun is available in a wide range of colours is a robust polyester cover fabric with almost zero shrinkage or stretch is is very stable with excellent UV and mildew resistance and is 100% waterproof perfect for bespoke flat boat covers.

Nylon Tough 7 oz coated nylon is used for under covers to protect the hull from trailing – soft and easy to fit.

Extras available:

Over-boom, at cover, trailing cover or undercover covers available

Custom manufactured for non-standard boats

canvas stitching

Our covers are sewn in anti-wick thread which swells up when wet to make the cover water proof but we can offer an upgrade of thread to ‘Tenara’ which is guaranteed for 15 years, it is almost impervious to UV degradation so perfect for use in high UV areas, acid rain and other pollutants, however ‘Tenara’ is not an anti-wick thread so it can leak in big downpours due to the tread not swelling up and filling the needle hole.

Specification Sheet for download: Dinghy and Small Boat Covers
Acrylic Canvas Options: